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Welcome to the Fish with Attitude Wiki!Edit

Fish with Attitude is an app for iPhone/iPad. Anyone may contribute to the wiki.

Here is a link to the iTunes Page:

And you can know wich fish makes which fish so have fun

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Fish with AttitudeEdit

Fish with Attitude, formerly known as "Little Aquarium", is a game where you breed fish. Each fish has an individual personality that includes their likes, dislikes, and favorite toys. Decorate each tank so that the fish happiness meter gets to ecstatic, this increases the star level on your tank! Get to three-three star tanks and open a new breeding tank! You can have up to 15 tanks disencluding the three breeding tanks  There is also a little mini game where you can fling your fish out of the tank... And theres a if you click on your fish you can train it


Basic Fish

Fairy Fish

Unicorn Fish


This is just a sample! Click this for all pictures!

Latest activityEdit

When I started the game, it said 'Surprise' you have received a free gift. Then I hit the Ok button.

And nothing happened, and I didnt receive the gift. Anybody else have this problem or know why?

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