Nice Fish

Nice FishEdit

The Nice Fish is the first fish you obtain in the game, and is bought before being being able to breed in the breeding shell.

In game descriptionEdit

This fish’s life is sunshine, rainbows, and possibly even lollipops. It’s easy-going, ready to make friends, and sure to see the best of every situation

How To ObtainEdit

  • The Nice Fish is bought for 40 Coins in the market.
  • Breed two nice fish in the Breeding Shell.

How To Tell If You Got a Nice Fish Edit

  • When you try to speed up the process, it will show you how long it is taking, and how many pearls to speed up the breeding process, the time should be 1 minute, and 1 pearl to speed up.
  • The egg will be a light Green-ish dark-ish king of colour.
  • Incubation time will be 1 minute, and 1 pearl to speed up.

Appearance Edit

  • Blue eyes, with black pupils.
  • Long eye lashes.
  • 'Stubby nose'.
  • Top and bottom fins as well as tail fins not connected to body.
  • Basic body colour: light lime green.
  • big green eye brows.
  • Sweet, happy smile.

Favourite Toys Edit

All fish can have any favourite toy, but the Nice Fish will normally like:

Favourite Fish Edit

All fish can have different favourite fish, but the Nice Fish will normally like:

The favourite fish cannot be the same as the disliked fish.

Disliked Fish Edit

All fish can have different disliked fish, including the Nice Fish.

The disliked fish cannot be the favourite fish as well.


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